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Lightbringers Kicks off 2/6/2022


If you're in grades K- 4, come join us in Bethel Kids where you'll jump in on an adventure with Lilly Pepper for the next 11 weeks while learning who YOU are in Christ & how you can make an impact in your life & the lives of others!


Along the way you'll learn scripture & do activities, but most of all grow in your faith!


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Bethel Kids is now meeting IN PERSON 1st and 3rd Sundays!! 


God has blessed us with an awesome team of people who serve in this ministry!  We believe that it is important that kids Know God and begin walking with Him at an early age.   During their time in BethelKids, they will learn memory verses, how to pray, serve, and most importantly know that God loves them.    We love the little ones, and understand the importance of a safe environment for children to learn about Jesus.


How and when does Bethel Kids  meet  in-person?

As they have began meeting in person, we have adjusted a few things.  The kids  will be dismissed from the main service, and will have a time of worship, giving, and games to help them to grasp their lessons.  This is the same as before, but now instead of having this time every week, they will go down to their service 1st and 3rd Sundays.   


On their off weeks they will stay in the service with the adults and will have a brief segment in-service to review their memory verse, and see an object lesson from the previous week.  They will also have a special set of message notes that are designed to help them to grasp something from the service.  It is also designed to help parents interact and further disciple their kids from that days message.  

See below from a message from April about our goals and plans for Bethel Kids!  Let us know if you have any questions.



Our Kids Team