Staring May 12th at 6pm

Are you ready to find freedom?


As growing disciples we are supposed to learn how to apply what God has provided for us In Christ through His life death, and resurrection; however, it is difficult to help others to find freedom in Christ if you are not walking freedom.  This series will help new and not so new believer to take new territory in their lives.  


When:  May 12th at 6pm


How will it go? 

*  This 10 Week Course will have one main participants guide and four small support books that go further in depth, if you desire to receieve further insight.

*  During our weekly gathering, we begin with a few comments and questions then begin that weeks segments of short videos, followed by discussion.    

* At  Week 8 we will spend half a day going through "The Steps Of Freedom" which works to put everything you have learned into actual practice and further application.


CLICK HERE is a quick video!


Cost? $12  The Church will split the cost of materials with you!



Starting May 16th @ 12:45 pm


You can't be spiritually mature and emotionally immature.


Do you find yourself:

*  Avoiding conflict in the name of Christianity

*  Ignoring your anger, sadness, and fear

*  Have you ever used God to run from God?

*  Do you find yourself living without boundaries?


Emotional health, your relationship with Jesus, and contemplative spirituality go hand in hand. Find the 7 biblical, reality-tested ways to break through to the life Christ has for you.


This study will be a great way to round out, and further, the progress you began in FIC. 


When:  May 16th


​​​​​​​Sessions Include:

1.   The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality.

2.  Know yourself that you may know God.

3.  Going back in order to go forward.

4.  Journey through the wall.

5.  Enlarge your sould through grief and loss

6.  Discover the rhythms of the daily office and sabbath.

Cost $15  This course requires 3 books and the church will split the cost with you.