We will begin a new semester of Growth Groups begining October 3rd.  

2021 has been a year of establishing and reestablishing the foundation of Who we are in Christ and the Freedom, strength, and provision that is ours in Christ.  This semesster options continue this theme.   We utilize growth groups as a part of our spiritual growth process.  It is an excellent opportunity to connect and get to know others who are on the same pathway as a growing disciple of Christ.  

Our groups will "go" based on the sign ups that we have.  If we do not have have sign-ups and committments for a particualr group it will not "make the cut" but we will do our best to make them possible.  

The Youth Group will begin October 3rd with FIC for Youth and all other groups will receive materials after service on the 3rd.  

See below for the offering, and let us know if you have any addl questions.  Thanks  

As growing disciples we are supposed to learn how to apply what God has provided for us In Christ through His life death, and resurrection; however, it is difficult to help others to find freedom in Christ if you are not walking freedom.  This series will help new and not so new believer to take new territory in their lives.  


When:  October 13th


How will it go? 

*  This 10 Week Course will have one main participants guide and four small support books that go further in depth, if you desire to receieve further insight.

*  During our weekly gathering, we begin with a few comments and questions then begin that weeks segments of short videos, followed by discussion.    

* At  Week 8 we will spend half a day going through "The Steps Of Freedom" which works to put everything you have learned into actual practice and further application.


Cost? $20  The Church will split the cost of materials with you!



Freedom In Christ for Young People

This course is designed to set young people like you firmly on the way to becoming fruitful disciples who are sold out for God and who will make a radical difference. It is based on the main Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course.


Connect with the truth about who you are in Christ, become free from pressures that hold you back and learn to renew your thinking – no matter what your circumstances or background.


While the world may bombard you with many non-truths, this course will help you discover the truth through the power of God’s Word leading to a powerful, life-changing experience. Finding true freedom is like nothing else! 


It's going to be awesome!!


This course will take place for youth during our Sunday Services


Growth Group


Becoming a Better Leader Starts with a Transformed Inner Life

Do you feel too overwhelmed to enjoy life, unable to sort out the demands on your time? Are you doing your best work as a leader, yet not making an impact? Have you ever felt stuck, powerless to change your environment?

In The Emotionally Healthy Leader, bestselling author Peter Scazzero shows leaders how to develop a deep, inner life with Christ, examining its profound implications for surviving stress, planning and decision making, building teams, creating healthy culture, influencing others, and much more.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader contains:

  • Concise assessments for leaders and teams to measure their leadership health
  • Practical, proven strategies that have been developed over a 28-year period spent both in the local church and in equipping leaders around the world
  • Helpful applications of how to face your shadow, lead out of your marriage or singleness, slow down, and embrace endings for new beginnings

Going beyond simply offering a quick fix or new technique, The Emotionally Healthy Leader gets to the core, beneath-the-surface issues of uniquely Christian leadership. This book is more than just a book you will read; it is a resource you will come back to over and over again.

Start Date: October 13th

Cost: $15


The Bondage Breaker


Harmful habits, negative thinking, and irrational feelings can all lead to sinful behavior and keep you in bondage. If you feel trapped by any of these strongholds in your life, know that you are not alone—you can break free.
Neil Anderson has brought hope to countless thousands facing similar spiritual attacks. In this significantly revised and updated edition of this popular bestselling book, he offers a holistic approach to spiritual warfare that is rooted in the Word of God. As you read stories of others who have been locked in spiritual battles, you will learn the underlying whys and hows behind these attacks and discover the truths that sets people free in Jesus. 
You don’t have to live as if you are in chains. Break through your spiritual battles, and find freedom in Christ with The Bondage Breaker.  


Start Date: October 13th

Cost: $15


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