Grow in your faith and walk with God with others!

A pathway to growth

You know how hard it can be sometimes to start working out or eating healthy, or staying on a budget by yourself.  For some people or many people all of these things are easier or attainable when you have someone else with you who is trying to do the same thing.   It provides comradare, accounability, and a deeper relational connection.    We believe that it is the same when it come to growing in our faith.   

We use Growth Groups to help people crate new habits, grow in their faith, and develop connections and friendships along the way.  In these groups there is accounablity, care, encouragement, and we also work to have fun and also reach out to the community.    In this semester of GG, you will be strenthened and developed as you walk with others in God's Word.   It uses a simple method called S.O.A.P to help you tune in and grow in hearing from God and understanding and applying the Bible to LIFE.    

These groups are low pressure and there will be in-person groups, zoom groups, and some via conference call.  See below for the current options and get signed up.    

You can sign up below or text "life" to 660 210 2030


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