"Seek & See ME in 2023"


We utilize growth groups as a part of our spiritual growth processes. It is an excellent opportunity to connect and get to know others who are on the same pathway as a growing disciple of Christ.

In 2021 We took the year to focus on establishing or reestablishing ourselves in Our Freedom In Christ. Recognizing the freedom, identity, and strength that we receive through all that Jesus has accomplished for us.

In 2022, we spent the year growing as Emotionally Healthy Disciples. Starting with Emotionally Healthy Spirituality then to Emotionally Healthy Relationships, and then Emotionally Healthy Leaders.

Jesus said, “Follow Me In 2023”

For us this is the year of a greater focus on Making Disciples that Make Disciples who follow Jesus. We are utilizing the 5x5x5 Bible Reading plan, Growth Groups, and focused times of men’s and women’s smaller groups.

As we continue to encourage you to Starting April 16th our first stint of Growth Groups will begin. We encourage you to continue your daily Bible reading as these groups will pick back up after the 8 week group concludes.



At the beginning of 2023 we started 5x5x5 Bible Reading Groups.  We read one chapter a day 5 days a week.  We meet once a week to discuss insights, questions, applications to what we read during the week.  It is a great time of encouragement and growth.

We currently have two different ways to get engaged.

1. Via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm

2. In-person on Sunday’s at 12:45

You can download the reading plan HERE.  As of date, 5/17/23, we are in week 21.


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