Special Year-End Offering



I had to repent...I had a prompting to prepare for this year-end offering in anticipation of a few things to come in 2023. But after the feelings went away, I talked myself down and oscillated back and forth until it felt it was too late to follow up. However, it keeps coming back to me that I need to go ahead and share a few areas of emphasis for those who planned on giving a special offering. This offering will “seed” or fund initiatives for the upcoming year and will conclude on January 31, 2023.  

It has always been our focus and heart to serve and reach Kids & Youth. When we received a large donation in 2020 it seemed we could go a few steps further in reaching and equipping them. (see history)  


God’s heart is to connect, impact, reach, and equip these kids with God’s heart toward them and their lives. There are thousands all around us who are being discipled by our culture, media, and whatever feels right, but I believe God has great things in mind for their lives! 


We already have some great Kids and J12 leaders and having this combination pastoral position will be important to so many next steps moving forward.   Giving towards this pocket will further enable us to fund this position

#1 Kids/Youth & Worship Staff

History: At the end of 2020 we received a large donation and we felt we would use it to hire a person for a combination position Youth/Children or Worship, but then 2021 was simply Covid Part 2 with much more division and uncertainty.    Just like many businesses that couldn’t find or hire the right people, we didn’t find a person(s) for these roles, but our team served kids and youth with excellence!


2022 started out better as people started gathering a bit more, but still, there were more hurdles and challenges along the way, and still no one for the role.  I'm hopeful that while 2023 will have its own challenges, we will see breakthroughs not only in this area but in many others.

#2 Kids Camps and Outreach 

There are many ways that we can serve Kids and Youth.  From things to equip them for life, learning, and faith to VBS and Missions.  Camps serve as impactful times when God does some intensive work in their hearts.


Giving towards kids camps and outreaches will enable us to be ready to do as reach out, send kids to camp, and do whatever things the Holy Spirit leads us to do.   

                                                            # 3 General Giving 

General Giving has always been the area where offerings and extravagant offerings have made the most impact from everything from equipment, camps, gas buy down, gift card giveaways, missions and so much more


Your gift of any amount will help to help people Know, Grow, and Go wherever He sends us.