On April 10th starting at 2pm we will be working with Prime Time @ 216 West Broadway for our 3rd Gas Buy Down.


  • *  We will pay $10 towards any fuel purchase for the first 50 people who come through.  


  • *  We will start at 2pm and end when the $$ runs out!  


  • It's FREE and there are no strings attached, we just want to provide a little help!


  • *  You can sign up for a reminder/update by texting "ten" to 660 210 2030.  This will also keep you updated for future 10 Spots for Groceries and Fuel
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HOW will it go?

Once we begin, pull up to the pump and you will recieve a $10 certificate and a free gift from someone on our team.  


Bring your certificate inside and we will pay $10 towards your purchase.  That's it!


We will be doing another $10 in the tank and $10 in Groceries in the coming months.  If you want to be updated text "ten" to 660 2102030