It is our goal and purpose to help people to Know God, Grow and find freedom and life transformation in Christ.  Imbedded within our purpose is both our spiritual and natural lives as we seek to impact the lives of others and generations to come in practial ways.  In this new season, we are using ELEVATE to take our efforts further.  ELEVATE will impact your Financial Freedom, Impact your Career and Life Skills, and help people in the communityin various ways. We are developing teams that will focus on these specific areas.

ELEVATE MyMoney: Elevate MyMoney is an interactive money management learning experience. The workshops are designed to equip individuals with the basic knowledge of personal finance. In the workshops, individuals will become more familiar with personal finance terms, develop a plan for their money and Learn successful strategies to reach personal financial goals.  

“Sometimes it's not about making more money, but better managing the money you already have”  

Next Steps: 

1.  If you have clients or a group that could benefit from any of these options, please fill out the form below.  

2. Sign up for the next tour or seminar.  Fall dates TBD

3.  You can help and partner with us to empower others in the community through your area of expertise.

Let us know where you may want to focus with us!

Pastor Billy

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